Follow Through

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Follow through.



Don’t quit!

Of the words used, there were billions more to choose from, but this is how I feel about this new year. About what lies ahead of me, and all of us for that matter. In this year, I will follow through with my goals. I will be adamant about getting them accomplished. Not to mention - these are words I often repeat to myself. They are also words repeated to me through my coach and mentors.

We as people tend to exclaim a lot of things, especially around the new year. I’m not one to believe in the whole "New Year resolution" thing. I believe if you really wanted to start or begin anew you would start before the New Year to prove to yourself you’re serious. You would change, or make the necessary steps the moment you first think to do so. And since I’m on the topic; are you a New Year or New YearS person? If you’re a “Happy New Years” person, please understand we enter into a new YEAR - singularly not plural. Ha, anyway, for those of you that have continued to read this blog is also to let you know what’s new with me.

I am officially a sponsored athlete - signed to Asics. Truly, I’m thankful for this; being that many athletes in the sport of Track & Field are considered to be professional. Although, a vast majority have to work part time, or even full time jobs to make ends meet. This is just a stepping stone in the right direction. After 7 years of competing professionally, being on 4 USA teams and winning 3 USA Championship titles I finally have a paying sponsor. To say the least, it’s a great weight lifted off of my shoulders. So to the Asics team, thank you for seeing something in me that others didn't.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that’s been supportive of my journey. Thank you for believing in me, especially during the times I didn’t believe in myself. For every piece of R2I (Room2Improve) or Journey merchandise purchased - I'm absolutely thankful. The follow through is more than just fulfilling contractual agreements. The follow through is about being intentional over every word that comes from my mouth and everything I claim I should have had, would have had and will have. More work ahead and I’m prepared for it. Right now is the time to be more intentional, more serious and even more adamant when it comes to getting goals accomplished. This is the beginning to an end that will begin again. I say to you too - follow through!

Dream Big & B.I.G - Believe In God, you have the Room to Improve.


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