Get Idlewild

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Anyway, is it just me or does it seem like people get bored so much easier today? What I’m about to say makes me feel older than I am; but I remember when boring or being bored meant to go play! Ha, remember playing? Remember when we were free enough to realize that we are creators and have this thing called an imagination? Yeah, I understand if you don’t. Quite frankly, I can understand why many grow up and tend to lose their imagination. I too was once there.

Now, I can’t seem to find time to be ‘bored’ or claim boredom. Simply because I’ve realized being bored is unused, or misplaced energy in idle timing. What’s idle (i•dle) timing? Glad you asked. Idle timing or being idle is practically a waiting period; a time where nothing may be going on or sitting still. Being Idle can also be considered laziness. So you might be bored because you’re lazy! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Hey don’t shoot the messenger.

Here’s an example. Think back to 4 months ago - it’s the top of the year. The end of a decade, and the beginning of another. Many set new goals, had new ambitions and put it all into a new years resolution. Well, ask yourself. How am I doing? (It’s something I do often... something like everyday). We have 24hours to do what we must in order to conquer the day. So again, ask yourself, am I utilizing my time to benefit me? Or, are you doing it for someone else?

24hours is a lot of time. When it comes to winning the day one has to put forth real effort. In his book, ‘Stillness Is The Key’, Ryan Holiday mentioned that, “people would rather give themselves an electric shock than experience boredom for a few minutes.”

Quite accurate statement; just scroll on social media, I guarantee you’ll see someone doing something for the VIEWS, or the LIKES. That’s it! That’s all it takes for todays society to feel full; which is why I can understand why people get bored. They wait for what’s trendy on the internet or try to be trendy. Instead of trying - just be the trend.

Here’s my proposal. In my Modeling Calendar, I have March as the month to ‘Embrace the Challenge’. Challenge boredom and take control by doing something that makes YOU feel full, and not because of the opinions of others.

Don’t get bored get busy:

•Take time to review your goal(s) •Actually work on your goal(s) •Take a nap to reenergize •Learn something new •Do something fun/be imaginative •Create

I get it. Today, life is so fast paced. But try this thing called taking control, and take your time back. You’re only bored because you want to be, 🤷🏾‍♂️ again, don’t shoot the messenger. Get up and ‘Get Idlewild’!

If you hadn’t noticed - the post has nothing to do with the beer. It’s just a picture I took.

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