The Quality of Giving!

Some reason, as the year is coming to an end it's gotten a little harder for me to come up with my last two blog posts of the year. I set a goal for 2020 to write 12 blogs, and here I am on blog post 11 (*Drop the confetti, take a shot and lets celebrate*). This past Friday, December 18th, I received a call and it was my dad and youngest sister on the line. This call was something out of the ordinary, only because my sister actually had some news for me. Typically she calls and just wants to be on the phone. It's cute, because, well, i'm a big brother and my baby sister just wants to talk to big bro. Never does she really have anything to talk about, ha, she just wants to be on the phone. Or, video chat and she plays with all the filters in stead of talking. Again, it's cute and funny at times, but this call did serve a different purpose.

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