One To Remember

Updated: Jan 1

Everything you’ve seen is what it seemed. The people, the lives and the decisions made.

Though a tough year, it still proved to be worthy of a fight. I encourage you to look for yourselves of the year in review. Don't take any of this for granted, because just like anything else it can be used for your own advantage(s).

We all won’t have the same story, but we can all agree that, 2020, has been one hell of a year! What did your victories and losses look like? How did you overcome them and how are you moving forward?

Many of times this year I've said, "2020 is an alley-oop for 2021", I hope you've gotten Idlewild with your sentence to Quar-and-time.

I'm always setting goals for myself, and 2020 was no different. After having one of my greatest years on the track I wanted 2020 to be just as successful. Therefore, I had to be even more intentional when it came to getting things done.

Plenty was accomplished this year.

At the top of the year I dropped two calendars; a modeling calendar and an athletic calendar. Both highlighted dates of my competitions. My athletic Journey Calendar boasts some of my athletic accomplishments and the latter filled with some of my favorite quotes. All to keep us inspired through each month. I officially signed to both Asics and Oakley. I read 12 books. I wrote 12 blogs. I moved into a new place, and dropped an album, Redlight Special. Featured in 3 podcasts; The Duo: Sports n Stuff, an interview with Todd Grassley ( - Quarantine Conversations and an interview with The Post Game: Waiting For Tokyko . Inspired the world even whilst the Olympics being cancelled through the Weltklasse, Zurich Inspiration Games. Bringing the message of U.N.I.T.Y all year. It's the time for us to stick together, and in the midst of it all this year had to offer I got engaged! My Fiancé and I will be taking this world on together with victory on the horizon. All praise to the most high for His guidance. Together, her and I started DeezGoddz, it’s an all natural cosmetic brand with lip chap, lip gloss, body butters and candles. It’s been quite the journey this year.

All you've gone through in this year has prepared you for the next.

This year has tried us in ways that were so unexpected.

This year also taught and brought gifts in the midst of calamity.

Patience. Strength. Endurance. Clarity.

I've learned to be patient with expectancy. That expectancy being to reap what I've intentionally sewn toward kingdom living.

Grew stronger mentally. Every decision I made, I trusted that it was for building and not destroying. Although, my mental capacity was pushed to the extreme - I did my best to remain composed and in control of what I could control. That strength produced endurance.

I know I'm built to last.

In the respect of clarity I've learned more about myself. The return to righteousness and acknowledging the truth in my nationality.

This is has been a year to remember. History has been lived.

So remember;

Do everything to the matter of something,

Ultimate victories come from within, and

It takes a team to win a championship.

Enjoy your new year and be encouraged that you are ready for what's next!

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