Lets switch things up a little bit. Last month, I made a post titled ‘Get Idlewild’, before this whole pandemic. Or, at least before the quarter-tine...excuse me, quarantine commenced.

If you haven’t read last months blog - you should, but first keep reading this one.

It’s taken sometime to get to this blog post, because of some writers blockage - until Thursday, April 16th at 4:18a.m. Anyway, I’m rambling but I hope you’re still with me. This is a great time in our lives. A great time in HISTORY! Outside is CLOSED TIL FURTHER NOTICE! Wow, think about that. We’ll be notified when outside is okay again 😳🤯. The whole world is affected. Strange times we’re living in right about now.

It’s been said, it’s not how you start but how you finish. Who said? Well, that part I’m not quite sure, but it is definitely a phrase that’s been quoted immensely. Whether it be sports, schooling, work or story-telling; there is a beginning to be had, a middle and an ending.

Which brings me to the purpose of this entry. Quar-and-time. See, I’m a glass half full kind of guy. Consciously, making the effort to see life through an optimistic lens. Yes, we’re under quarantine and let me be the first to say it - it sucks! BUT, it’s giving us a break from our ordinary lives. Many people complain about their daily to-do’s, or having the lack of time to do what they truly want. Now is the time! You’re inside and a majority of us are not working or working from home. Perfect timing to work on things for YOU! I do things like blogging, reading, writing/recording music and photography. Crafting... creating - it’s a gift from God to be able to do such things as being a creator.

Ask yourself

...who/what have I always dreamt to become?

...what’s stopping me from becoming ______?

Now, write these two (2) questions down somewhere; in your journal, on your mirror or a sticky note on the fridge. Wherever you write it, be sure it’s in a place that you see everyday. Then, when you have your answers write them down and start working towards your new you! Bring it to life! Utilize this time to not be lazy or... idle (here’s your reminder to go back and read last months post 😉), but active.

Lastly, we’re a quarter through the year 2020. Hence the puns made throughout the post. We’ve entered into the second quarter - April 1st. For my football lovers, you know we have two-quarters remaining. Therefore, the fight isn’t over We still have 8 months left that lie ahead of us, so don’t give up hope for 2020 just yet. This is still ’your’ year you claimed over your life. It’s just been rerouted if you will. When this is all over how will you emerge? Which side will you choose? The side of the winners or the side of the losers?

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. What will yours be?

Happy Quartertine, Quar-and-time and Quarantine! God bless, bathe and GET IDLEWILD!

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